A round-the-world trip in the image of Alina Svetskaya Cruise

In the cruise collection, the Alina Svetskaya brand relies on eco-leather and vinyl items: vests, skirts, men’s and women’s bombers, jackets, and dresses side by side with things of excellent texture, which creates a balanced contrast.

Raincoat fabric also found its manifestation in the form of trims on dresses, jackets, jackets, and trench coats with a free oversized cut. Bright accents in the collection are a fuchsia tracksuit, an emerald leather bomber jacket, and a bright blue trouser suit.

The whole collection with a bright hint of sexuality, despite the fact that half of the models, as conceived by the designer, are unisex. Alina Svetskaya prefers knitwear, the collection now includes tight-fitting silhouettes with lines that accentuate the dignity of the figure.

Alina Svetskaya