Fashion Designer

Designer Alina Svetskaya founded her company in 2008 right after graduating from the University of Technology and Design in St. Petersburg. The Alina Svetskaya brand and its founder have become one of the most striking phenomena in the history of St. Petersburg fashion. During the period of her formation as a designer, Alina was inspired not only by the inner but also by the surrounding world, she was enormously influenced by such pillars of the world and domestic fashion as Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, and Valentin Yudashkin.

Branded prints and unique silhouettes of Alina Svetskaya clothing have found favor with socialites both in Russia and far beyond its borders. Alina Svetskaya’s creations often feature prominent Russian theater figures, actors, show business stars, politicians, and entrepreneurs in society.

Thanks to her talent and unique vision, Alina Svetskaya has become one of the role models and fashionable people who regularly receive awards for her work.

Charity work is an important part of Alina’s creative life. Alina Svetskaya is happy to take part in events aimed at supporting sexual minorities, eradicating social orphanhood, and countering national discrimination, abuse, and child abuse. Many of the models in the brand’s collections are often dedicated to public issues so that fans of Alina Svetskaya can also contribute to the development of society by buying designer items.

Alina Svetskaya